Reliable, Reasonable, Professional, and Innovative

We battle water all the time because we built our home in a swampy environment and three years ago after a hurricane, we called Carolina Energy Conservation to inspect our builder installed encapsulated crawl space and install a new automatic dehumidifier. CEC sent Richard Daniels and he performed a comprehensive and honest evaluation. Richard recommendation was to install a dehumidifier, repair the builder installed encapsulation and install a new drainage system with a dedicated sump and high quality Sump pump. All the equipment was far better than I could source at Home Depot and I was impressed with the quality of the CEC professionals as they labored under my home to install everything. Living in a swamp, I knew to call CEC every year for an inspection and Richard Daniels has continued to provide innovative ideas to keep our crawl space humidity at a perfect 55% and protect our home from mold and wood floor damage from high humidity. Of all the contractors coming into our home, I can report that CEC is the most reliable, reasonable, professional and certainly the most innovative and brings technology and solutions to solving a homeowners problems. I highly recommend CEC.

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