Water in Crawl Space

Common Problem: Running and Standing Water in Crawl Space


For some crawl spaces, standing or even running water presents a particularly daunting challenge. Every house with a standing or running water problem is unique and must be individually assessed.
There are a number of possible sources of standing or flowing water in a crawl space.

  • The home may have improperly installed gutters and downspouts or no gutters and downspouts at all, causing water to pool around the foundation.
  • The exterior foundation of the home may have been improperly graded causing water to flow into the crawl space.
  • The home may be in an area with a particularly high water table.
  • The foundation wall may be damaged causing water to flow into the crawl space.
  • There may be a slow plumbing leak.


In addition to the usual humidity and water vapor problems associated with a wet crawl space, if left untreated, the standing or running water will create structural problems. You may be reading this right now because you are noticing symptoms of some very serious problems.A wet crawl space floor can cause the cause a foundation to sink leading to tens of thousands of dollars in foundation and other repairs. In addition to actually seeing water standing in or flowing through your crawl space, perhaps you’ve seen some of the common problems associated with a wet crawl space.

  • Rotting floor framing.
  • Mold and mildew.
  • Cupped and buckling wood flooring.
  • Unpleasant and musty odors.
  • Cracked foundation wall resulting from a settling foundation.
  • Wet and falling insulation.


Cupped Hardwood Flooring

cupped hardwood floors

Cracked Foundation Wall

Wet and Falling Insulation

falling insulation


The Solution – A Carolina Energy Conservation Water Mitigation Plan


During a free, no obligation crawl space assessment, a Carolina Energy Conservation crawl space expert will discuss your options for solving your standing or running crawl space water problem.An assessment is necessary because every crawl space is unique.

The solution for one crawl space’s water problem won’t necessarily be the solution for another.

The solution to every crawl space standing or running water issue will be a combination of

  • Rough grading the crawl space floor.
  • Adding a perimeter drain.
  • Drainage matting under our 20-mil vapor barrier.
  • Adding a sump pump and draining the sump pump to the outside.

Carolina Energy Conservation uses only the best quality materials and water mitigation techniques available, including the Triple Safe Sump Pump.


Triple Safe Sump Pump – What happens ns to the water that flows under the drainage matting and into the perimeter drain? The perimeter drain empties into the Triple Safe Sump Pump.The Triple Safe Pump has three pumps for maximum protection. The first pump is for primary use. The second pump is a backup in the event the primary pump fails.

And in the event there is a power failure as the result of flooding, the third pump is a battery backup pump.

The Triple Safe Sump Pump comes standard with an airtight lid, an alarm and a floor drain.