Crawl Space Repair After Flood

The Team at Carolina Energy Conservation customer relationship skills are world-class. In about 2017/2018, our home was flooded as a result of the so called 1000 flood. We learned about CEC and the representative came out, accessed and provided us with an action plan.

We contracted with them to clean up, place the plastic liner underneath our house – and with that deal came a humidifier with a 3 year warranty. Flash forward to 2020, I noticed that the humidifier was not working. I called Jill, she dispatched Jason and Hunter to ‘the scene’. They removed the unit – and somewhere the ball was dropped and we never heard back about getting the replacement. (hey we are human, okay)

I called Miss Jill a couple weeks ago and explained the situation; that they had never brought back a replacement. Jill was ‘on top’ of her customer service skills and the very next day shows up Jason and Hunter with a brand new unit – with a brand new warranty!

All three team members were kind and professional. This company is of integrity which is a rarity in the days we find ourselves living. . Highly recommended. Thanks again, Jill.

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