Crawl Space Great 1 Year Later

From the beginning, Carolina Energy Conservation has been an great company: professional, punctual, hardworking, intelligent, personable & safety-minded. I really couldn’t ask for a better group of people to tackle the daunting task of removing mold from my crawl space. After getting numerous other estimates, Joel Libby did the best job representing his company and closing the deal. Kylie was always very courteous and professional and easy to reach by text to set up and confirm appointments. The 1st Crew (Matt Mallard, Ray & Nick) went in and tackled the mold – killing it, bombing it, cleaning out all the crawl space junk, to ready the space up for the next & final step – encapsulation. The 2nd Crew was amazing (Lead foreman:Jay Mobbs, Kevin & Tyler) spent 3 days of excellent, safe, punctual work. Jay led his team in picking up where the 1st Crew left off. He set up the electric for the dehumidifier and basically managed his team to success. What a great job they did getting that crawl space perfectly set up. I highly recommend Carolina Energy Conservation to anyone looking to say bye bye to their crawl space mold forever. Thank you CEC – great job! great people! 5 Stars! God Bless.

***1 year update***
Even a year later, this company comes through on their word. Was able to contact Joel & voice some concerns & in no time, Hunter & Essex were scheduled to come and perform the yearly maintenance of the original job. Everything checked out AOK – Joel went above and beyond to make sure that the job was done right & Hunter explained everything to me by going over a diagnostic checklist after the completion of the maintenance process. This is a reliable company with great people – very pleased with their work & they still remain highly recommended!
Thank you Carolina Energy Conservation – see y’all next year!

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